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  • Fan Filter Unit(FFU)
Fan Filter Unit(FFU)

Fan Filter Unit(FFU)

  • Product description: Fan Filter Unit(FFU)


Product information:

Fan filter unit within the head is a kind of matched with the condole top of fan unit, Used in turbulence and laminar flow clean room, Has the characteristics of can use modular connection The average wind speed reached  0.45m/s±20

Outstanding feature:

Long service life, low noise, no maintenance, little vibration, gear speed, even thousands control regulation

Products are scan testing by the dust particle counter before ship to ensure quality.

Application fields:

Widely used in semiconductor, electronics, flat panel display and disk drives and optical, biological industry, clean production lines, clean bench, clean room, packaged clean room and the place such as the laminar flow hood.


Production follow customer actual demand

Design drawing

Technology Parameters

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