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Clean Booth

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Clean Booth

The clean class can reach 100-10000,common use in the space of clean room.

Advanced configuration: The high clean class space are formed by adopt HPEA Filter or ULPA Filter and FFU.


Economical: Compare with traditional clean room, the cost reduce greatly.

High efficiency: Providing vertical clean airflow, keep indoor clean class. Air conditioning and return air systems with independent, elastic interval easily, low construction cost, and effective separation equipment, products, can make the artificial interference and pollution to a minimum level,  improving the pass product .


Standard '10 x 10' clean shed just a few hours to install, easy disassembly, elasticity, short construction period, good mobility

Flexibility: Scaffolding can increasing the number of FFU, clean class can be changed from 10000 from 100

Application fields:

Common used in the area of high internal purification workshop level requirements, such as line working area, high precision products assembly area, and semiconductor industry, biological, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry etc.

Design drawing


Production support customer size and follow customer actual demand

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