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Automotive coating air filtration
Automotive coating air filtration
If the dust of 5ttm is mixed into the paint layer, the human eye can see the defects caused by the dust. In order to ensure the quality of the paint of the car, the paint shop (paint shop) of the automobile manufacturer uses a large number of air filters. The painting line is generally a long tunnel, and the body has undergone various processes in the tunnel. The top of the tunnel is covered with a thick layer of non-woven fabric, and fresh air enters the tunnel evenly through the non-woven fabric. The function of this layer of non-woven fabric is the damper flow, which has some filtering effect and is produced by the filter material manufacturer. Therefore, the spare parts department of the automobile factory habitually classifies it into the air filter. If the test is conducted by evaluating the efficiency of the filter, the efficiency specification of this layer of damping material is roughly equivalent.
In fact, the efficiency of filtration is not important here. What is important is that the material itself should be uniform and the wind surface should not be shed. You can shake the material against the light, and the materials that are bristled or shed can't be used. Special care should be taken when transporting, storing, cutting and installing such nonwovens. Do not allow dust to contaminate the material. The main filter of the paint line is located above the damping layer or in the air handling unit. The efficiency of the main filter is F5-F7. The main filter is usually a common bag filter. The air filter level of the painted tunnel is the filter of this class, not the damping material closest to the tunnel. There is also a pre-filter before the main filter. In recent years, new paint shops have mostly used imported production lines or imitation imported production lines, so bag filters are mostly 592×592 mm (nominal size 24”×24”). In the baking line of the paint shop, the supply air temperature is about 200%. Since the heating device in the air handler may generate dust, the filter is placed behind the heating device, which requires the filter to withstand 200250 ° C for a long time. high temperature.
Here, the efficiency of the filter is generally F7. The filters are all partitioned. The fiberglass paper with a pleat of about 8 mm is separated by a corrugated aluminum foil. Due to the high temperature resistance, the problem of adhesion and sealing between the filter paper and the metal frame of the filter is the key, the sealing structure is reliable, and the cost of the sealing material cannot be too high. Most of the gaskets on the filter are glass fiber mats with elasticity and thickness of about 5 mm. The bake production line has a bulkhead filter having an outer dimension of 610 x 610 x 292 mm. The pre-filter of the baking line is located at the population end of the blower unit, so there is no temperature requirement. Pre-filters use less efficient ordinary bag filters. For the convenience of management, the pre-filters of the bake line and the pre-filters of the paint line are often of the same specification.
Silicone is a good material that can be used as a lubricant, adhesive, sealing material, and even as a breast implant filler. Silicones are used everywhere in automobiles. However, the paint shop of the automobile factory is particularly jealous of silicone. Because the surface of the metal is stained with silicone, the paint layer will foam. Any silicone is banned in the paint shop, and the filter supplier should carefully inspect the various materials used in the manufacturing process, especially the adhesive, to ensure that it does not contain silicone.
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