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Airport public space filter
Add filters to public places in the airport
Filtration of airport air conditioning systems
The airport is the first impression of the guests on the city, the airport air conditioning system shows the strength of the owner and the level of the air conditioning designer. In the air conditioning system of large airports in developed countries, the air filter is commonly configured as: G4 ~ pre-filter - activated carbon filter - F7 end filter F7 filter (AshraeDust-spot 85%) is the most common filtration in the public places of the upper grade Device. After passing through the 丌 filter, the dust concentration of the air can reach the level of the tourist scenic spot. The national standard stipulates that the upper limit of the concentration of inhalable particulate matter in the terminal is 0.15mg/m3, which is the minimum requirement from the health point of view, and the outdoor air in the airport is also lower than this. In the design, airport air conditioning is considered a grade, not just health.
The airport has a gasoline smell, although most guests will not complain, but the owner still has to cover up. Therefore, the odor-removing activated carbon filter has become a standard configuration in airport air conditioners in developed countries. There is only a grade here, there is no technology at all. Activated carbon filters test the strength of airport investors and operators. In the domestic airport project of the last ten years, there have been many great achievements in the construction and interior decoration of the terminal building.
The Chinese pay attention to "good steel is used in the blade", but people can't see the air conditioner, so they often get rid of the cost problem. In the initial planning of the air conditioning system at Shanghai Pudong Airport, there was an activated carbon filter with an F7 filter at the end. However, the activated carbon was first cut off during the engineering design. In a further design, the end of the F7 was reduced to. The filter used in Beijing Airport Terminal is one grade lower than Pudong. At present, the highest domestic airport filter configuration is Hainan Sanya Phoenix Airport, which is designed by foreigners. The main filter efficiency is F7. Because the airport is not so much gasoline smell, so there is no activated carbon filter.


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